Welcome to AAYUSH

We work collaboratively with our suppliers, to bring the best authentic alcoholic beverages from some of the worlds most highly acclaimed brands.


Aayush Ltd is a UK independent supplier and distributor of an extensive range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.  We deliver some of the industry’s leading and popular brands across the Wine, Beer, Cider and Spirit categories.  Suppliers to both the on and off-trade, we provide consumers with choice and quality across categories and price points. We have over the years established ourselves as trustworthy, respected and well connected within the industry.  Our team possess extensive beverage and business knowledge through many years of industry experience.

Aayush stands for ‘longevity’, which is a reflection of our corporate position in our market.  At Aayush, we pride ourselves on our ability to engage and uphold trustable, strong mutually beneficial relationships and brand partnerships in all areas to continually improve our portfolio offering and service to our clients. We focus on our strong relationships with producers that share our values.  A tireless dedication to hard work, honesty and a personal touch has led to long standing and well trusted relationships with some of the most successful brands in the drinks industry. We build and sustain brand awareness for the products and producers we represent.


Nurturing strong relations with integrity is at the core of our companies’ values.

Our success lies in our interest in gaining knowledge of our markets and understanding the essence of the products we distribute.  As a result we take a proactive approach in scoping the markets as well as ensuring enough flexibility to manoeuvre and adapt to shifts in demand.  We understand as Distributors that we play a vital role in connecting manufacturers with customers. Therefore we take our role and approach to service seriously. At the core of our business model, lies our endeavour for open dialogue and frequent communication with our suppliers and customers.  This element not only supports our growth in terms of building and nurturing strong relationships but also our constant collaboration empowers us to cease opportunities that benefit both Aayush and our customers. Consequently, we believe that coming together is a beginning, keeping together is a progress and working together is a success. This is our commitment to our partners.

We comply with the laws, regulations and industry codes of the countries in which we operate.

Our values

We keep our companies vision, mission and values at the forefront of our decision-making and actions.

Our Vision:

To be recognised as one of UK’s leading distributor within the drinks industry through our commitment to service and dedication to building resilient and long-term partnerships.

Mission Statement:

To deliver excellence to our partners, customers and consumers. We dedicate ourselves to a passion for performance striving to achieve excellence in all we do, through hard work and constant drive to create and add value.

Our Core Values:

Our business is founded on our values, and it is these which underpin the ethos of our business. Our values define how we do business and interact with our colleagues, partners, customers and consumers. These core values embody our culture, spirit and dedication to doing what’s right. They keep us aligned and help us make decisions.


Our business depends on healthy relationships with suppliers, customers and business partners. We build and nurture strong relationships that are mutually beneficial, making sure that we deeply understand the people we deal with, so that we can anticipate their needs and always aim to exceed their expectations.


We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standard in all our processes and dealings with our suppliers and customers. We are honest and fair in our relationships and conduct our business with transparency. We believe in a climate of honour, trust and respect that builds quality relationships to make our actions consistent with our words and to follow through on our commitments.


We always strive for excellence by working towards attaining the highest quality in everything we do, and to deliver the best. We are constantly seeking new ways to improve and grow our capabilities so that we deliver on results. Never settle for “good enough” by continuously improving and embracing change. 


We each take personal responsibility for our commitments, actions and results. We accept ownership, and accept the consequences of our decisions.


To serve meticulously at each level of the business chain from producer through to the consumer and guarantee a smooth diligent process is shared.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe that we have a part to play in making positive contributions to the communities in which we operate and those we source our drinks from.

We understand that as a business, every decision we make has a profound impact that stretches far beyond Aayush itself – to the consumers who drink our product, the people who produce it and their communities, and the planet as a whole. We are committed to ensuring that our company conducts business in a socially responsible manner, balancing the needs of the business with our impact on the environment, the people involved in our supply chain and the communities in which we operate.

Promote Responsible Consumption:

We believe we have a responsibility to make consumers aware of the benefits of drinking responsibly and the risks associated with excess alcohol consumption. Aayush Ltd is proud to work in partnership with organisations that promote responsible consumption. We engage with several groups that lead alcohol education and responsibility initiatives, including Drinkaware and the Portman Group.

Respect for our Environment:

Many of our products are created thanks to such natural bounties as water and agricultural products. Since our beginning, we fervently promote environmental management, maintaining respect and gratitude for the great workings of nature. It matters to us where our products come from. We know it matters to our customers as well. We want to know how they are made and whether the companies we do business with share our commitment to respect the environment and treat employees fairly. We work closely with our suppliers to maintain a reliable and high-quality supply of goods and services. How they do business and how it affects our reputation is always taken into consideration.